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Interconnect Bypass Fraud Detection

Bypass Loss: 5% - 15% Of Interconnect Termination Revenues

Immediate results can be achieved from reducing the loss of Interconnect Bypass fraud. It is a well-known danger with losses usually underestimated. Telecom industry analysts size the loss for 5-15% of each operator's interconnect termination revenues and, based on our experience, we confirm 6-10%.


Allround Support You To Turn Loss Into Revenue By

  • Showing the real financial impact of each type of bypass fraud to the entire traffic
  • Identifying the bypassers - carrier or subscriber level, MSISDN
  • Supporting and enabling the proper actions by providing all the evidences needed to eliminate the problem

We not only indicate, but detect any kind of interconnect bypass fraud:

  • Domestic and international termination, call selling and so on
  • SIM-boxing and interconnect carrier bypass
  • Emergency call bypass

All These Will Immediately Count On The Profit Side

Your infrastructure already serves the whole volume of traffic but you do not get paid for it. Since only the detection and handling of interconnect bypass cases are the cost factors, usually 80% of the recovered revenue immediately increases the profit. Good news, isn't it?

Your reward? Your ability to answer the strong push to find every cent ever rolled and lost under the table will also improve and all these findings will immediately count on the profit side.


Take Action Now - Opt For A Bypass Audit From Allround!

To push the highest profit for your company opt immediately for a interconnect Bypass Audit to identify the bypass-type and loss caused in your network. To minimize your initial risk, we offer it for free if the results is under 500 000 USD. If the Audit is successful - losses that should and can be recovered are above the limit - based on the problem types detected during the audit results, we advise the most effective service level to obtain from Allround.


Allround Offering

Keeping in mind that you are also under strong cost control Allround offering is available as

  • Interconnect Bypass Fraud Audit
  • Interconnect Bypass Fraud Detection as service
  • Interconnect Bypass  Fraud Detection solution as licensed software

We offer a Bypass Audit to identify the bypass-type and

  • Regular Off-line Reporting: traffic for selected day is sent to Allround, we analyze and create a report and best practice advises what to do.
  • On-line Continuous Monitoring: if the type of the problem requires continuous monitoring we implement an on-line connection to your system and report immediately if intervention is needed.
  • On-site Managed Service: if the country legislation or the volume of the data does not permit sending it to us, we install the solution on your premises but manage it according to an SLA.

Furthermore, if you rather believe in the traditional model we are standing at your disposal with a license based solution and all the trainings and support to effectively combat interconnect bypass fraud.


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Bypass Fraud



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